What is the Flatiron Meal Plan?

The Flatiron Meal Plan is a flexible, prepaid card that allows students to purchase meals and shop for groceries at over 100 of their favorite local merchants. Parents are assured food money is spent as intended, and student dining dollars are stretched as far as possible through exclusive cardholder discounts.You can start a Flatiron Meal Plan card with any dollar amount, remaining account balances carry over from semester to semester and year to year, and the card can be used over the summer.

There is no deadline to sign up, and you can enroll in the Flatiron Meal Plan at any point during the semester.

Questions? Please view our FAQs, send us an email to info@flatironmealplan.com, or call our local office at 1.866.632.5756.  Office hours are Monday-Friday, 9:30am-5:00pm.

Having a separate account for food really helps me budget my money. All my favorite restaurants take the card, and I save money with the coupons and deals
Charlie B. (Cardholder)
You are the most accommodating business I have ever worked with. Katherine gets regular meals this way. Without it, she wouldn’t.
Donna S. (Parent)

Eat Well

Over 100 restaurants and grocery stores

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Save Money

Over 100 Participating Restaurant & Grocery Store Locations